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The Stubborn Rabbit

This is a story from Nidlongdir about a stubborn rabbit.

It was just before the spring celebration, that a stubborn rabbit, who shall remain nameless, went berserk in King Apple Strong's new flower bed filled with lovely yellow tulips. The King's gardeners had struggled for several hours succeeding to get a rope around the rabbit's neck, so that they could pull the vandal out of the tulips.

More and more fairies gathered to see the king's gardeners trying to remove the stubborn rabbit, and it nearly came to a fight when one of the gardeners, pulled his wand on the rabbit to put a spell on it, and turn it into a painting of a rabbit. The spell was only permitted to last for a split second, before one of the fairies in the gathered crowd, dissolved the spell to set the rabbit free. The rabbit was a bit confused, being in a painting felt a bit flat, so the rabbit set of in a long jump, and landed on one of the king's magic tulips in the middle of the flower bed.  The tulip's stalk broke, this set of the crickets' alarm, and the King's guard rushed to the flower bed to see what was going on. Two of the guards tried to push the rabbit away from the flower bed, and a third grabbed the rope to pull the best he could, however the rabbit was much too strong for the fairies.

King Apple Strong had heard the noise from the cricket alarm and went to one of the windows in the castle's tower to see what was going on. When he saw his magic tulip had been broken, he set of out of the window and landed between the rabbit's long ears. He pulled in the left ear and tickled the right ear, the rabbit mumbled with its nose, and jumped out of the flower bed. The King commanded his guards to grab the rope and tie the rabbit to a tree.

All the fairies was relived that they had the rabbit under control and went to the Apple Worm Tavern to get a refreshment. The rabbit didn't like to be tied to the tree, and it only took a few moments to eat the robe to get loose. Then the rabbit, went around the corner into Queen Agrafina's vegetable garden. All the gardeners had gone to the tavern so no one knew what was going on.

In the tavern, the fairies had a lively discussion of what to do with the rabbit. Some wanted to send it to prison in the Forgotten Trunk, while others thought, it would be much more amusing to set it free in the Dragonian Caves, to annoy the ugly Dragonians. The time went fast, and the ideas of what to do with the rabbit got more and more wild, because they had too much tree juice to drink. It was not until the sunset one of the fairies suggested that they had to go back to the rabbit.

At the time, the King and his people got back to the tree where they had tied the rabbit, the rabbit was long gone, and the whole garden was a total mess. Queen Agrafina had one of her hysterical attacks when she saw the garden, she ordered all the fairies of Leafenheim City to clean up the mess before they could go to bed. Hundreds of most-wanted posters was glued onto all the trees with honey, and the guards had the upcoming holiday suspended.

The rumours about the rabbit's escapade in the royal garden reached the Dragonians in a few hours. They created a new game called catch the stubborn rabbit. The aim of the game was to push and pull gnome decorated with rabbit ears out of The Gnomes Inn. The winner would get a bottle of Black Snake Rum and a bag of tulip seeds. In Leafenheim, all rabbits was declared unwanted. Citizens who pointed out traces of rabbits to the royal guards was rewarded with a tulip from the King's garden.

It only took a clever Dragonian gnome called Mr. Tandrill a few days to invent a small tool all the Dragonians easily could carry in a pocket, that could make the most believable rabbit footprints. The Dragonians amused themselves by entering the royal garden and making rabbit footsteps all over the place. So if you ever visit Leafenheim make sure to go and see Mr. Tandrill in the Dragonian Caves to get a rabbit footstep tool before you visit the royal garden, so that you can have one of the King's beautiful tulip rewards!

Sketch for a water color I am working on featuring the  

stubborn rabbit.

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