onsdag den 20. april 2011

At Last It's Spring!

At last spring has come to Als. The trees are slowly being covered in delicate sap green leaves, and the first yellow citrus butterflies have been visiting my garden.

I took this photo last weekend when Jess and I went for a walk in the forest. Selene and Ebbe were so full of energy, and it was hard to keep an eye on them, because they were enjoying that we were outside, and that all the snow had gone!

This is the first dropped fairy dress I found in my garden. The forest is covered in white Anemones right now, so I am not at all surprised that it was a dress like this, I found.

Apple Hold Castle

My old apple trees have been pruned, in February. This was done in an agreement with the fairies of Nidlongdir. King Apple Strong and one of The Elder Advisors from Dragonia signed an agreement on a whispering leaf, at a meeting under my apple trees. They have agreed not to start a war, but they will have to cut down on the tree juice production because the old apple trees need rest after the pruning. I have promised them that in return for their loss, I will provide them with fresh pressed apple juice in the autumn.

I am reading the fairytales by H.C.Andersen to Ebbe and Selene and we have been doing paper cuts inspired from the paper cut H.C. Andersen did for the children he knew.


This paper cut was done by H.C. Andersen.


Happy Easter to all of you!


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  1. Det ser jo fint ud med foraaret i Danmark, taenk, mine Anemoner , som staar under en Hortensiabusk , er allerede visnet, og hortensiaerne staar med store knopper allerede. Desvaerre bliver det ikke til noget med Paaske i DK i aar, men jeg onsker dig en rigtig hyggelig een af slagsen.