søndag den 27. juli 2008

My First Encounter With Fairies

Author © 2009 Marianne Mathiasen
Photography © Marianne Mathiasen
and Camilla Mathiasen
Illustrations© Marianne Mathiasen

It was a warm and humid morning. I awoke to my dog’s barking. I tried to go back to sleep, but it was so hot. I decided I might as well get up and prepare breakfast. I went down into the kitchen, put on the kettle, and sliced some bread. Then I went outside to see if our garden table was wet from the rain that had fallen last night.

My husband had to leave for work early, and I could hear him coming down the stairs, and out into the garden. He pinched a piece of bread and kissed me quickly. I have to go he said, and went to the car outside the garden gate. I waved at him; he shouted that he would be home late. The dog barked at him as if it wanted him to bring him along for work, and not leave him behind to have a boring day with me.

I was kind of disappointed that we didn’t have our usual chat over the morning coffee, and my appetite had gone. As I sat there on my own in the garden, I had a sudden chill, I went inside to get my shawl, pencils and my sketch book. The morning sun was playing in the leaves of the apple trees in the back of my garden, and my eyes caught some small apples on one of the branches. I slowly started to sketch the apples with my pencil. 

Occasionally; I took a sip of my coffee. I nearly choked on it, when I discovered two fairies resting in the apple tree. It’s hard to explain what went thought my mind, but I tuned the page of my sketch book, and started to draw the two fairies. I could only see the faces, their bodies was covered in the leaves. I cursed my self for not having my digital camera with in reach. I managed to draw their faces, but then they spread their wings, and set of into the next tree.

I followed them, and to my surprise I saw them flying through a portal in the tree. The portal looked like it was made of tree branches, but when I looked closer; it appeared to be some sort of metal. I could see some inscriptions, and there was an heraldic hanging over the portal. I sketched the heraldic over the portal as fast as I could, in fear that it would disappear.

I was sitting uncomfortable in the tree, when I saw another fairy coming towards me, through the portal. This fairy had darker hair, and her face was covered in feathers, she didn't look very friendly, so I nearly dropped my pencil. She stopped right in front of my nose. I could see how she was trying to tell me something, but I couldn't understand a word of what she was saying. Then she pushed a button on her throat, I could smell some kind of perfume, and all of a sudden her words started to make sense.

I am not sure if I should repeat her words, she was very rude! She told me that I was an intruder, and that King of Nidlongdir would have me silenced for ever if I ever came back. Then she turned away from me and shouted: "I Dhara; Shaman of Leafenheim, close this gate with the power of the green spirits". The angry fairy vanished in front of my eyes. The portal turned into ordinary tree branches again, and the only ting left was the sweet smell of perfume.
I didn’t tell a soul about my fairy encounter, first of all I wasn’t sure that it had happened for real, perhaps I had dosed of in the sun? And to be honest I was afraid people would think that I was crazy. The only proof I had was the two sketches, but I decided to keep them to my self. I couldn’t help creating a sketch of the shaman fairy later that day, as I couldn’t forget her angry little face, and of cause I was wondering if I ever was going to see the fairies in my garden again. That evening I went to bed very excited and tired!

The two fairies resting in the apple tree.

Dhara; Shaman of Leafenheim.

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