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Nidlongdir Index

Nidlongdir The Magic Fairy Realm
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As Ambassador of Nidlongdir it is with great joy I welcome you to explore Nidlongdir!
Please make sure you activate the fairy communicator beneath to the right before you enter!

You will also need to apply for a passport and read the introduction for new visitors!
The Ambassador of Nidlongdir


Nidlongdir's blog
At the Whispering Libary you will find all the fairy tales about Nidlongdir!
You will find Nidlongdir stories in Fae Zine go to the column called The Nidlongdir Whisperings.
You will find Nidlongdir paper dolls in all the 2010 issues of Fae Magazine
Elodie's fairy fashion
Marianne's Fantasy Art Blog
Nidlongdir Awards

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