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Nidlongdir News Nov. 2009-11-15

Dear Friend,

I am very pleased to tell you that the Kaputs Caves have opened. The leader of the Kaputs Caves, Mr. Tandrill, asked me to invite you to come and visit the caves, he will personally give you a guided tour in the caves.

It warms my heart to tell you that the OFN Orphanage for abandoned fairy children in Leafenheim City will open this month. Please read more about the abandoned children in www.faezine.com

The Fairies of Nidlongdir and I have celebrated that www.Nidlongdir.com has received two awards this month. We got the Best blog Award from http://gothicfaerytales.com/, and the Bronze Web Site Award for Outstanding Web Site Design & Performance.
I am so proud and amazed that my work has been awarded.

The good folks of Dragonia would like to invite you to join the new Nidlongdir art forum. Here you will find free art tutorials, paper dolls and other goodies. Please go to http://nidlongdir.ning.com to join!

Now that Nidlongdir have been granted the lovely awards we would like to help other artists, crafters and bloggers to feel special, so I have created a Nidlongdir Award you can apply for.
The fairies will visit you, and if you are chosen you will not only get the award, but I will also make you artist of the month in the Nidlongdir Art Forum.

I have created two digital Nidlongdir scrap kits:
Nidlongdir Fairy letter scrap kit Price: $5.00
The Apple Hold Castle scrapkit Price: $5.00

Upcoming next month, is a free paper doll Christmas Calendar. You will find the calendar at http://nidlongdir.ning.com starting on the 2009-12-01. The Calendar is featuring the two paper dolls Camilla and Bjarne and their Christmas Cottage.
The cottage can be printed, collared and cut to play with!

The Gnomes Inn will be redecorated for the Christmas Celebration, so do pop in, and get your self some jumping pancakes and a fresh glass of tree juice.

Upcoming 2010

Nidlongdir and paper doll art rubberstamps at: http://www.faeriesong.com/artstamps/store.htm

You will also find my paper dolls in http://www.faemagazine.com

Have a magic day!

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