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Celebrating One Year with Nidlongdir, and the Harvest

Where did time go? It's amazing to think that it's now been one year, since my daughter and I discovered the fairy twins inside an apple from our apple trees. I am so thankful that the fairies chose me to take care of the twins.

Looking back at the year that has gone, I can feel a change inside my self, it's like I feel an inner peace. At the time I became the foster mother of Ebbe and Selene, my life had change dramatically. My husband got a new job in the south of Denmark, and we had to move to Als. Both my children moved away from home, and started their adult lives. My daughter had a new boyfriend, and my son a beautiful girl fiend. Next year we will have a wedding coming up, when my daughter is getting married. As a mother I went through a rough time having to let go of my son and daughter, and I think the fairies could sense that I needed help on letting go, and accepting that a new part of my life had begun.

Ebbe and Selene opened a new world to me; they gave me the courage to travel into unknown land, in more than one way! As an artist I felt that I found a delightful pass that I now am dedicated to follow. So now I am not only doing my botanical illustration, but also doing fantasy art. I don't know if any of you recall my blog, on how I like to do something new every day. It doesn't have to be any ting big and importuned, it can just be climbing a tree and hanging with my head upside down, to see my garden in a new perspective, or taking a left turn where I always take a right turn to discover a new road. I have developed this idea, and put it into my art, and I feel that it has given me a lot of new inspiration, to go down roads I never explored before.

Through Ebbe and Selene I found my sanctuary that I call Nidlongdir. I enjoy venturing into this world, exploring the life of the fairies, and to be given the opportunity to let my imagination run wild. I truly feel like a bird that has been set free, and I am ever so thankful to the good fairies of Nidlongdir, who let me into their world, and trusted me to tell about them in the human world!

Although Ebbe and Selene are twins they are still like night and day. Ebbe is as light as the inside of an apple, he loves the sun, and he mostly feed on apple juice and honey. His flying skills are improving, but he will never be able to fly with the speed and precision Selene does. Ebbe has other skills that are very interesting to watch, he is able to heal plants. I discovered it, because one of my roses in the garden looked miserable. The summer has been very dry, and this rose was suffering badly, I had tried to water it, and nurse it, but it still didn't look like it was going to survive the summer. I was very sad because this particular rose has a historical value to the place I live. It was bred after the Second World War, as a celebration of the end of the war, and this rose has bloomed out site our house every year since. I enjoy keeping the garden, and taking care of the plants the pervious owners have planted, knowing I carry on their hard work.

Ebbe sensed I was worried about the rose, so yesterday I watch him doing a miracle. At sunset we went on our usual garden round, and when we passed the ill rose, he put his finger on the stalk of the Rose; I could see a green light coming from his finger, and spreading through the rose. The light spread through the stalk to all parts of the plant, I could even see its root glowing through the soil. I knew he was trying to save the rose, so I kissed him and hugged him, and we ended up playing the frog game he so much loves to play. The next morning I could see the rose was healing, it had new buds, and the leaves looked fresh and green.

Although the roses still are blooming, I can sense the turn of the year. The farmers have started the harvest, and in Denmark the harvest has been celebrated for many generations. The traditional celebrations take place in a decorated barn. The decorations are plants from the harvest like wheat, pumpkins, apples, roses and what ever is available. People dress up in their best clothes, and have a harvest dinner. After the dinner there is a harvest ball. If you are not a farmer you might not have this celebration, but, many Danes still have.

For me harvest is the time of the year where I look back. I know most people use the New Year to review the year, but to me harvest marks how this year have been in my garden. This is the time where I will know if my new projects worked or failed, and I can compare how many vegetables, berries, and fruit I got compared to last year. This is also the time of the year, where the children will start in a new class or perhaps even on a new education. I will start to think about the autumn and winter. Some of my Yule preparations starts now, buy making sure I have collected the things I need for the Christmas dinner and decorations, so harvest does set a mark in the calendar! It's the end, and the beginning of a new year of gardening.
I wish all of you a good harvest!

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