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Answers and Questions to Nidlongdir

I would like to answer a few questions that my visitors have asked me about Nidlongdir, and the website

Is there a beginning or an end to this story and what is the website about? Answering this question is like answering if there is a beginning or an end to our human world. There is no beginning and no end, because it is a world where all sorts of things has happened in the past, is happening now, and will keep on happening in the feature. There are stories and events I can tell you about, some have taken place and some will. There are persons I can tell you about in Nidlongdir, but they have lives like you and me, so there is no beginning or end. Even the beginning I have written down is not the beginning, something happened before that.

Why are you creating this world of fairies, gnomes and trolls?
I have a very simple answer to that question, because I am lucky to have found this world, and because I have fun doing it. It keeps my days light and bright!

I had a few people asking me if I earn money on creating Nidlongdir, and if I sell my illustrations and writing?
To that I can say no not really, and to be frank I really don't care. Money would take all the fun out of it, and restrict my freedom to do what ever I want. I am not saying that I wont ever create a book, or put some prints up for sale, but it's not my goal to earn money, actually I don't have a goal with Nidlongdir, and that is why it keep my creative juices running. I am very thankful that Be asked me to create a column for Faezine, because Nidlongdir is about enjoying life and fairies just like Faezine is.

When I look at your website, it looks like you mix the real world with fantasy. Some of your art is digital and created from photos, and some of it is drawing and paintings. Don't you think you need to find your self a style and stick to it?
The Nidlongdir realm is a mix of my human world, and a fantasy realm of fairies, gnomes, trolls and other characters. I have found a way to combine my world with this fairy tale world, by adopting a set of fairy twins into my human home. I found Nidlongdir through them, and now I like to travel into this world as an explore, just like humans have explored our planet, the moon and perhaps some day will explore the rest of the universe. I use what ever medium I feel like. I like to create digital art as well as traditional drawings and paintings, so the medium I use is chosen because it talks to my imagination. I try to draw and paint this world and take photos if possible, and I try to write down what it's like to live there. I have even started to write down the history of Nidlongdir, because if I want fully to understand this world, I will need to know what it was based on, and how it came to be. The more I explore Nidlongdir the more it opens my eyes to my own world. I have started to notice the small things in my life, and in my surroundings, like how a sudden flower looks sad, or a man I see on the street looks like he is a gnome, and perhaps lives a secret life.

How do you create your Characters?
Well I don't.. I travel into Nidlongdir and meet the good folks of Nidlongdir, and then I just try to describe them the best I can, by drawing or painting them, and by writing about them ;)

Do you draw and paint form photos?
Some times, but not directly, I use photos as reference. I don't like to paint and draw directly from a photo. Photos are flat as a pancake, and miss the third dimension, so working directly from a photo will give a flat 2D result. I also like to draw just from my imagination!

Do you see your self as a writer or a illustrator?
Both I guess, but most of all I see my self as a playful explore.

Why are some of your character ugly?
Well we can't all be beautiful. Beauty is an overestimated quality in my opinion. Ugly noses are more interesting to paint than perfect noses. Wrinkles are much more fun to paint than a perfect smooth skin.

Is Nidlongdir a perfect world? No by fare!
I don't think any world is perfect, it would be boring to have a perfect world, it is all the not so perfect things, that gives the world character and life. If all the fairies in Nidlongdir were perfect there wouldn't be much to explore, they would all be the same. .

I have been visiting your website and loved it, but I find it very confusing! I don't know where to start? I think you should make it more user friendly!
Nidlongdir is confusing, because it's has been created as I a went along on my adventures into this fantasy world. This may sound a bit selfish, but was not created to be user friendly, it works as my personal journal, where I put down all the things I explore in Nidlongdir, so when you enter Nidlongdir, you enter my imagination, and not a commercial smooth website, designed to please the user. If you want to explore, you should just go on adventures in there! One story or illustration can lead you to another. In the Whispering Library you will find all my blogs about Nidlongdir in a chronicle order. Start with my first blog and read on from there, and you should find it easy to understand this world, because then you will explore it in the same way I did! I also put an introducing page up, that briefly tells how it all started.

If you have any questions do feel free to ask! I will be happy to answer you if I can!

The best fairy wishes


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