torsdag den 7. maj 2009

Ebbe Got a Flying Instructor

Yesterday I went on a four miles long walk to the beach, and off cause Selene and Ebbe was accompany me. Selene has become a very fast flyer, but Ebbe needs to start taking his flying lessons. He did try to learn to fly from Selene and Moonswift, but his wings are more like the wings of a butterfly than the wings of a bat, and he doesn't seam to have the skills to fly in the dark like Selene.

As we walked along the road picking wild flowers, Ebbe found him self a little friend. I could see him playing in the air with a Large White Cabbage Butterfly. It looked like Ebbe was emulating the butterfly's way of flying. He tried to take of and land like the butterfly did, and he even started to make somersaults in the air.

I was glad I had remembered to put on my fairy communicator, Ebbe and the butterfly started to fly in circles around me, and much to my surprise I could hear a very deep voice greeting me. I always thought that a butterfly would have a very light voice, but this butterfly sounded more like an old man.

Ebbe was so thrilled he couldn't stop fooling around, but the butterfly decided to take rest on my hand. I looked at his beautiful white wings with the dark spots, I wanted to touch his wings, but I knew it wasn't an good idea, as I could easily hurt him, so I just sat there in the sun between the wild flowers wondering if I should ask him if he would like to become Ebbe's flying instructor. I could hear him humming a melody and I join in, Selene came back she had been chasing bees. She also started to sing, and I must say that her singing voice isn't nice, she sounded like a scared cat, so the butterfly took of into the air to get away from the terrible noise. I couldn't stop laughing and we went on down the road.

The more I have been travelling into Nidlongdir the better I have become to spot things fairies have left in the nature. I found a small dress left on a rock created from Borage flowers and leaves. Borage is a wild plant in Denmark and known for its medicinal uses. It is also used for cooking. It has a very refreshing slight cucumber taste. The Romans used the flower against melancholy, and in the Middle Ages the plant came from the south to Denmark. In Denmark we have an old saying that if borage is snuck into a prospective husbands drink, it will give him the courage to propose. Sometimes this plant is called Bugloss, and by the old herbalists it is also referred to as Burrage. In Danish the plant is called Hjulkrone.

The butterfly followed us all the way back. I invited him to stay in my garden; I found a pot of honey so that Ebbe and the butterfly could have something to eat. The butterfly introduced himself, but when I heard his name I wasn't sure that asking him to become Ebbe's flying instructor was such an great idea his name is Sir Treebreaker,a strange name for a small white butterfly.

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