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There is all ways more than one side to a story, and the legend about the Golden Dragon is one of the stories that have been told from different point of views in Nidlongdir for many generations.
In Dragonia the golden dragon Aurelia is believed to be an evil dragon. The dragon is supposed to be trapped in a cave some where under Dragonia. It was the brave dragon slayer Leo who founded Dragonia, and who trapped Aurelia to save the Bee Queen's Throne Hall from becoming a dragon's nest. He lured the dragon into a trap with a troll he had captured, and forced an enchanted rope around the dragon's neck. He tied the dragon to a rock in a deep, dark cave below the Bee Queen's throne hall. Leo fell in love with the Bee Queen, and married her shortly after. No one knows if the dragon ever existed, but the Dragonians fear that there is a trapped dragon under the tunnels, because of an old prophecy that says, that the Dragonian people will be enslaved by the King of Apple Hold Castle if the dragon is set free.

There fairies of Leafenheim also have a story about the same golden dragon, but in their version the dragon isn't evil. They believe that the dragon was a magic Golden Apple Dragon, which used to defend Apple Hold Castle, and that the dragon was hunted down for its magic skin. Aurelia needed a place to lay her eggs, but the evil Prince Leo who killed his own brother in a fight, and fled Apple Hold Castle, hunted the dragon down and took the skin. He gave the dragon's skin to The Bee Queen to become her husband, and to be allowed to hide from The Apple Hold Guards in her tunnels. Some believe that Prince Leo forgot about Aurelia's eggs, and that the eggs some day will hatch so that her fry can revenge her.

Now the Dragonian Bat Patrol has found a dragon egg in the Dragonian tunnels, and they have started a search to make sure there are no more eggs hiding. They are also searching the caves under the tunnels, to see if they can find a cave with a trapped Dragon. The Dragonians are in panic, and the citizens demand that the dragon and the dragon eggs are found to secure their homes.

The rumor about the found dragon egg, has reached Leafenheim City, and the citizens of Leafenheim have demanded that the king and his guards take action immediately to save the dragon egg. They also want The King to search the caves to make sure that the Dragonians doesn't keep Aurelia trapped.

For the first time in the history of Nidlongdir, the elected Elder Advisors at The Dragonian Gathering has agreed to grant King Applestrong accesses to the Dragonian Tunnels. The Elder Advisors have come to the conclusion that it's better to let The King search the tunnels than to start a Nidlongdir war. King Applestrong has been allowed to send two guards. The Dragonians will send two Elder Advisors, and to make sure the result of the search will be respected on both sides, they have agreed to let humans help with the search.

So if you are brave and not afraid to confront a dragon you can join the dragon egg quest!

The first three volunteers to pass the quest, will receive a magic dragon jewelry created by Danagonia! The jewelry will protect you, and sharpen your senses! To win one of the rewards you will have to fill in your Email address at the end of the quest!

Start the Nidlongdir Dragon Quest!

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