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An Introduction to Nidlongdir

My name is Marianne, and I would like to invite you to Nidlongdir. Nidlongdir is a fairy realm I discovered in my garden. The word Nidlongdir is the fairies word for world, so they all live in Nidlongdir. There are two fractions of fairies in Nidlongdir, there are The Apple Fairies, ruled from Apple Hold Castle by a king and queen. Most of The Apple Fairies live in Leafenheim City. The other fraction of fairies is the Dragonians. The Dragonians live in Dragonia, in some underground caves. Dragonian fairies are also known as the black nosed fairies. The Dragonian fairies have a parliament called The Gathering where the elder elected advisors rule from.

It all started in the summer in 2008, when I was doing some botanical illustrations of apples in my garden. During the summer I had spend many hours under the three old apple trees I have in the back of my garden, and some times I had a feeling that I was being watch. I also found things in the garden that indicated to me, that there were fairies in the neighborhood. My first encounter with the fairies in my garden occurred in the late summer, in the morning. I was drawing on my apple illustration when I saw two fairies resting in the morning sun in the apple tree. It turned out that it was the fairy queen Agrafina and her king Applestrong that I had seen.

Later in the fall my daughter found a pair of fairy baby twins in an apple from our apple trees. As she was a student, she had no time for babies, so I decided to take care of the two small babies my self. I named the twins Selene and Ebbe. I soon discovered that there was many problems taking care of the twins, by one morning a fairy had left a gift for me; it was a fairy communicator that makes it possible for me to understand what the fairies are saying!

During the winter of 2008-2009 I have been traveling into Nidlongdir by the help of some of the fairies I got in contact with in my garden. I was appointed as ambassador of Dragonia, and my task it to tell the human world about Nidlongdir and to

There are some on going conflicts between the two fairy fractions. They are fighting over the apple trees. The Apple Fairies live in the top of the trees, and produce apple juice from the apples. The Dragonian fairies are living in caves under the apple trees, and they produce tree juice from the roots of the trees. The Apple Fairies want the tree juice production to stop because they think they get fewer apples when the Dragonians take the juice out for the trees.

The Queen is very selfish and her guards are hunting down a jewelry crafter called Danagonia, because she has refused to send her spring collection of jewelry to the queen. I am appointed as ambassador of Dragonia, and my task is to put an end to the conflicts. At the Snow Drop Ball I was to get an appointment with the Queen to find a way to stop the guards from hunting Danagonia. The queen is spoiled, and she has too much power, The King is powerless to her plots.

You can read all my old blogs if you go to http://www.nidlongdir and enter The Whispering Libray. The fairies of Nidlongdir don't use paper to write on they use whispering leaves!

Nidlongdir also has a coloumn in the free fonline magazine called http://www.faezine.com, where you can read the latest news from Nidlongdir. Faezine has hired a reporter called Plotka Hildur.

I am constantly adding new content to this site, when I travel into Nidlongdir I draw maps, so that it will become easy for new visitors to get around. The maps are also updated from time to time, and it is my hope that you should be able to go into all the buildings when it all has been finished!

Please take time to read the traveling guide at http://www.nidlongdir.dk it will help you to get to know this enchanting world!

Stay living in the magic!


Ambassador of Dragonia

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